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April 8 , 2014

8 Fun

Because it's 2x or double four fun ?....I'm not sure..

For the last 10 years now i've been building most of my bikes with Hub Motors ! .. yeah.. good o'l trusty hub motors have been the only game in town compared to the few and far between bikes with Chain Drive motors.. but times... they change.

Box arrived slightly mushed as usual, but no loose rattly stuff when shaken is always a good sign.

Inside, well packed, some foam with each part separately wrapped..

No major scratches or dents.

There is even an INSTRUCTION MANUAL !!

Now, I already have a considerable ebike collection, and just as much in spare parts, so instead of going out and buying yet one more bicycle to use as a test bike I decided it was time to make proper use of what I already have... here is what it turned into .

Yes, i'm working in my kitchen, and those are bed sheets with apple juice bottles holding them up so I can attempt to get some clear pictures... ladies, can you believe i'm single ?

The frame is from a batch of 6 I picked up many years ago when Wavecrest went bankrupt and had their inventory parted out on ebay, a member of Endless Sphere had a whole lot of them and re-sold some.. very nice aluminum tig welded, strong and sturdy.. The front fork is a previously used Bomber I also picked up from the ES forum, headset, handlebars, stem, are all bits salvaged from my parts stash, the rear 24" wheel is from my KMX trike .. and the front wheel is borrowed from my friend for the initial build. Only items missing were chain and deraileur that i picked up from the local bike shop.


The kit includes

- Motor

- Front sproket/guard

- Thumb thottle and grips + pair of e-brake levers

- LCD display

- Bag of nuts and bolts + pedal sensor

It came with a 48v " 13 Cell " charger, however when I tested it, surprise, it's set at 41.7v for 10 cells... woops.

Below, the drive system is nicely built, seems well weather resistant, nice connectors, all things considered i like it so far.


So, time to get with the install portion..

Step 1 : Bolt on the main drive sprocket using the 5 bolts supplied.

Then the plastic guard with 5 smaller screws:

After removing your bicycle's cranks with a special puller tool... and the Bottom Bracket ( aka : BB ) using the tool shown below, not included with the kit..

You can then slide the motor into the BB tube

Making sure the notches shown below, face the frame and bite to prevent the motor from spinning around when power is applied.

Then, secure this left side plate with 2 screws

There are 2 lock rings, a thick and a thin one...

The thicker one goes on first to secure the drive to your bike frame... and then the thinner one locks it all in place..

This should be done with a specific Hook style tool, that i did not have in my collection ( i do now ! ) , so i improvised as seen above..

After securing both rings, it's time for the crank arms, included with the kit.. notice on the back, near the pedal threads, R and L .. right and left.

Crank them down tight, this should be done with a torque wrench.... but nobody does...


The next step is to mount the display to your handlebars, i found this nicely done with spacers for various diameter handlebar tubes and brass bolts embedded in the plastic mounts...

I opted for the C691 display with separate buttons, there is another display type with buttons on the display itself... a matter of personal choice i suppose.

The wire harness is nice, similar to the JulET QR used on my front wheel hub kits, color coded and weather resistant..


July 18, 2014

A much needed update to this build.