Can you have .. " Too much power " ?

Nope.. but you can have a lot !

My neighbors see me ride around on all sorts of weird contraptions and i got her into a Folding Bike some time ago, now he needs his own !

So on one of our weekend trips to Wal-Mart, browsing thru the racks of cheap bikes, we spotted this Raleigh:

Full suspension , rear V-Brakes

with threadless fork

(needs picture)

shimano shifters

disk brake in front with SR suntour forks


the dropouts on the rear swingarm fairly beefy...

Rear Disk brake ready :

289$ + tax..

Obviously not a high end fancy shmancy bike but it has the essentials and for the price it's a fair deal..

I spend a lot of time on the Endless Sphere forum and i often buy bits and pieces to add to my collection.. Before this year's postal strike i got a used kit with Lipo battery from a guy in Quebec, someone i know from 2009 when i sold him his first ever ebike ( a crystalyte 4 series ) but he had since moved onto higher power and had a Nine Continents hub motor laced in a 26" rim.. He got sick and had to sell his kit and since it's in canada i picked it up....

I have had a few 9C motors, like The BMX , and i have also built some for local customers at 36v, but this kit has been modified to run on 100v and 100 amps !!


So i finally get my package after the strike ended, and after opening the box I found a few problems right away, first were the Lipo packs, some of them were " Puffy " meaning the normally vaccum sealed pouch had air in it and bubbled out.. this is usually a sign of stress... and sometimes dangerous..

Also, things like this ..

Below, notice how the ballance lead connectors have embedded themselves into the plastic shrink, this goes all the way into the aluminum foil pouches.

This convinced me to dig a bit deeper and investigate, i noticed some of the packs had tape and missing heat shrink pointing to evidence that some of these had been worked on at some point..

I found this :

Above, notice the ballance leads running over each other, and crossing right on top of a shart piece of solder on that yellow wire... this is a recipe for disaster..

The ballance leads should run parallel to each other not crossing, and a piece of tape / insulation should be put on top of the forward row of solder joints.. if you push packs hard they get hot, and hot wire insulation gets soft, this can lead to a short.

So, after disconnecting all 8 lipo packs and testing each one, i found 1 pack beyond repair with all 6 cells puffed, 2 that needed to be opened and refined, and one with a bad cell.. so that's half the packs ... Lesson: do not buy used packs