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1100 kms - One Year Later !

July 18, 2011

I have been running the A2B all season long, and it's time for an update.

Once the snow melted, roads still a mess, the metro was put back into action, late last year i swapped the original seat to a more comfortab le gell type:

And a few weeks ago i picked up a pair of black EVO pedals !!

Last few days of December, I pretty much rode without brakes, the pads were gonners and no matter how hard you pulled on the levers or how much you twisted the BB5 stationary pad tumbler..... nadda.... so in June i went searching online and picked up some Metallic pads from e-bay

My chopper, RC bike and the A2B all use Avid BB5 calipers so i got a few of these, no clue how well they last but at 10$ a set, if they make it thru the season it will be good enough.. ..

I have gotten a few emails about pad replacement, figured i'd take some pictures of the process..

You will need a 5mm Allen key, new pads with metal tang thingy.. and something to clean with.

First, remove the 2 bolts that hold the caliper on the fork, you could also do it by removing the 2 bolts that hold the adapter but since the new pads need to be adjusted once installed, i prefer to remove the one's on the caliper itself.

Take note of the order that the washers/spacers/cupped things that allow the caliper to move.. put them back in the same way..

Next, starting with the pad on the Red Dial side, with pliers...

And wiggle it out of the gap so you can yank it out..

Do not forget the metal tang piece..

Before installing the new pads, it's now time to clean everything up, i like to use lighter fluid, cheap, available everywhere, and cuts thru grime really well !

See below the old vs new pads.. the old one's still look like they have plenty of meat left, but i think the original pads just have a coating that wears into a soft material that tells you when to swap the pads before you damage the rotors.... or maybe this is just how it is...

Installing the new pads is just a reverse process of the removal..

starging with the cable pull side.

Make sure the pad is all the way in there, you may need to adjust the barrel adjusters on the handlebars and the caliper to allow the cable side to retract all the way in..

And then the next one:

( it's a tight fit, but it willl go !!.. i used the tip of my pliers to push the pad far enough in .. )

Then the metal tang piece just slides in there ( Yeah, i know, the pad on the right side is not in far enough in this picture.. )

And that's it !

Bolt it back up and adjust as required !

I find it best to loosely install the caliper with the bolts.. then pull the brake lever to clamp down on the rotor with the pads flush, hold the brake lever and tighten down the caliper.

So now i have front and back brakes once again !!!.

Oh, another thing, i had to JB-Weld ( epoxy ) the rear fender to the frame, it made noise everytime i hit a bump and was driving me nuts, no amount of tightening the bolts would help.. but the JB worked awsome !!!


March 30, 2012

Time to bring the A2B back in service for the season, yesterday i discharged and charge the pack a few times, then performed a capacity test:

This is the first time i run this pack to cutoff, thank god for BMS's, I was running the battery from my lightbulb array, forgot about it and went for a dog walk !...

I remembered about 20 seconds into the dog walk, and came right back home, lights were off and after plugging in the charger to get the pack back online..

Capacity = 10.46ah !

This is good, brand new Ultra Motors claims 11ah, so this is well within expectations and on it's 3rd year !

Put some air into the tires, i like to run at 40psi, oiled the chain, checked the brakes, and off i went !


A few battery packs were waiting for me at the post office, on a cool friday afternoon i dressed up and went for a ride.. a 10km round trip.. i got some funny looks on my way home !

The rear rack on the A2B is awsome.. a few bungee cords and packing tape that sucker stayed put without any problems..



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