My very first Ebike !

This is how it all started.

From " It's Electric! " in Alberta, Canada.

Wilderness Energy BL-36

Gearless Brushless 36v with 7ah of SLA ( Sealed Lead Acid )

I was too cheap to buy a new kit, or broke at the time, so we agreed on a price for a used motor and controller and new batteries..

A few weeks later my new to me Ebike Conversion Kit arrived !!!!

Like a kid on christmas day, I hurried up and got my old Bonelli mountain bike out from the garage. I had a better bicycle that i used daily to get myself to work, but having no idea what to epxect from this motor, I decided it was best to use a guineapig bike .. just in case.

The Bonelli was purchased at a Police charity auction for 75 $ in 1999, horrible brakes, the pedals had worn out bearings, the shifting was sketchy at best, rusty chain, bad tires and crooked rims, the grips would leave a gummy mess in your hands, to list a few of the problems it had.. but old reliable kept on working !

Got the motor out of the box, flipped the bicycle upside down, removed the front wheel and swapped the tire from one wheel to the other. Then I tried my best to get the axle into the fork, however, the axle would not fit !


No problem.. i quickly found my angle grinder and a few files, in no time i had the motor bolted on. ( Looking back, this is a very bad idea, when installing a front hub motor and the axle won't fit, never grind the fork, always file the flat surface on the axle of the motor !!! FYI )

Got everything zip tied and ready to go.. rolled the beast out of the garage with anticipation and .... uhhh... nothing..

Back to the garage.. and start to check connections, the fuse was ok, etc.. finally found a loose wire in the battery bag. A spark later the motor came to life ! and off i went !


The strangest sensation for anyone who has spent time on a bicycle, you know when you stop pedaling that you will have to pedal again unless you go down a hill.. but hold on.. like perpetual motion or black magic, the bike just kept on rolling ! No motor noise.. no fumes.. barely a vibration.. Like.. WOW...


Within about 5 minutes.. i was hooked !




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