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The chaos continues.....

Today, August 22, 2013

It's been a while since i've updated the progress on this bike, but it has continued to evolve..

In october 2011 ( vid broken rim )




The rim got mashed but the motor was fine, so since i had to relace this sucker into a new rim, i decided to try out a 24" rim, this gave me increased top speed and better ground clearance, and improved handling with 2 same sized wheels.. I lost some acceleration performance due to the larger wheel but it worked well in general..

In September 2012, my old job changed locations and my commute went from 10 km to 20 km... the 5ah battery was not enough..

Changes.. changes changes...

Started by removing the old battery pack and cradle... and bent a new piece of ABS for dual packs

This ABS material is awesome, with a heat gun and some imagination you can do all sorts of cool stuff with it.

The previous 5ah pack was made of 25C turnigy (24 cells series, 4 x 6S packs )..

The 2nd pack, 2 new Zippy 25C packs and 2 more used 20C turnigy removed from the bike earlier this season after 2 years of use.. these were the better of the 4 packs... so it's a real bastard of a pack...

Using the LBD with 6 bulbs, i did a discharge test, 850w, start of test..

Stopped the test at 8ah... this is good to go !

8ah from a 10ah battery , easy math, 80% capacity and holding a good voltage, all cells at 3.5v +

Oh, and the " Frankencharger " made from a repaired meanwell power supply and salvaged laptop supplies in series..

Info Here

Bending ABS plastic is much easier than i thought, using a few bench vices and some pieces of aluminum, clamp at the bend line, heat up with a heat gun until it gets soft, then with gloves, and a solid piece of wood, push on the crease to shape, cools in less than a minute and keeps it's shape !.




Voila !..

I also mounted the front fender to the lower suspension bridge area, it used to be up near the headtube and provided almost no protection, so now it's closer to the tire, it should keep the grit out of my teeth a bit better.

Looks clean, by my usual standards...

I had to relocate the controller, it used to be on the oposite side of the battery, but with this setup, i have to make the packs removable, by late november the daytime high is still 10 celcius or colder, and my ride home would be sluggish by december.

That, and the new job will not let me park inside, so the packs may need to come in for safety's sake..

I used 3M trim panel adhesive tape ( double sided tape, grey stuff, very VERY strong.. ) and filament tape, then covered it with electrical to blacken it out..

The bike is still narrow, the packs clear the rear tire, just, when the suspension comes down.. ( after raising the seat a bit, test ride no.1 quickly pointed out that it was a must... gulp )

Headlight, the " Lumenator" , i love this thing, be seen in bright daylight, have been running it now for over a year, daily...

A daytime light makes a huge difference in how cars react, you can clearly see this light from multiple hundres meters ahead, in full sun ) .. and at night.. wow.

Above, an Ebike fit for a king, made for a crazy person !

Took it for a ride to the new workplace, went 15 kms at 60 kph, burned aprox 4 ah . ( CA display says 3.7 but the calibration is off... will tune that sometime this week )

Crystalyte 409 in a 24" rim is not as peppy as it was in a 20, i'm going back to 20's for 2013 with a 408...


At the old work location, i would use the A2B Metro when it rained.

But the new location would require more battery than the A2B carries in the frame, and be too slow... so the Chaos needed soem weatherizing.

Above, red plastic from a Krazy Karpet, used to slide down snow hills on these as a kid.. strong thick plastic.. and shipping tape.

Lots, and lots, of shipping tape....


By July 2013, on a ride with friends, it was noticed that the speedometer was registering a higher speed, the bike was not going that fast... strange...

Yes, poor old 409 had issues, the glue holding the magnets let go from all the heat and wear, a fix would have been relatively easy, reglue the magnets, but instead i chose to change it up....

Below, a stripped down 407, it is faster rpm per volt than the 409.. but since i'm going back to a 20" rim, at 100v, it should give me a bit more top end than before...

win - win.

Painted, laced, new bearings, once again i gave it the thicker motor wire treatment to 12 gauge teflon, .. and it's a thing of beauty.

That ran well all the way into August 20, 2013....

Above, cell no.3 is showing a significantly lower voltage to it's brothers, 3.65v vs 3.77v at the end of a 6ah ride. ( the pack is 10ah, so this means i'm down to 60% usable capacity because of this one runt cell ). I tried charging it up but it jumps to 4.20v right away without taking a proper charge, so .. battery pack repair time !.

Above, after taking teh pack apart, i found some oily liquid under the suspect pack, not sure if it oozed out of a cell , or if it's something else that fell in the box.. but it's suspect....


Used all the old plastic pieces to package up 4 new packs.. done in under 1 hr !

I'm getting better at this stuff.....

One problem however, these packs are higher discharge Turnigy 40C cells, and the discharge wires are this god awful 8 gauge wire, good if you want to pull 100's of amps, but not good if you want to use Anderson Powerpole PP series..

Got creative....

I crimped anderson PP45's on a short piece of 10 gauge wire, then soldered that on the 8 gauge wires from the packs.. cover in thick 3M shrink wrap.


Then, it's back to testing for capacity..

4ah from a 5ah pack and all cells over 3.6v while under load.. this is perfect !

One slightly lower voltage cell by 0.04v but the capacity is there so this is fine for now.



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