Chaos 2008

Part 5

( May 5 2008 )

Needs a Rim !


Left : Nice and wide.. 40mm - Double walled and eyelets.

Right : on the top is the FMF rim i had on the 2007 chaos, below is the new 40mm monster !

A while ago, I contacted a guy by the name of Neal Saiki. Neal is the creator of the " Zero " Electric MX bike

Originally the bike was using 20" rims and now has moved up to 24's..

( I have a large stock of these at the moment, if in terested please send me an email ! )


Lacing a hub motor is an " Interesting "job..

I put this together from various parts around the house, recycled green lamp stand my mother gave me when I moved out at age 16, as far back as i can remember, this stand has been around.. it's OLD..

I screwed a few pieces of wood to it and drilled a hole down the centre of a 4x4 piece of wood from my back yard fence.. the axle goes into it and keeps the motor level while you work the spaghetti of spokes.

The eyelets were made for 14 gauge spokes, but my spokes are all 12 gauge.. minor problem.

A few minutes with a round file, per hole, gulp.. 1 hr later 12 gauge s pokes fit perfectly !


The 106mm spkes ended up sticking out past the nipples, and very close to being level with the 2nd wall of the rim, having the hot glue gun sitting right there.. I decided to dab a ball of glue to protect the tube from punctures followed by 5 thick layers of filament hockey stick tape !!



Tire and tube on the rim, installed the Disk 8" disk rotor, a single speed freewheel, and bolted everything back on the bike.

Since this is no longer a 2 speed motor ( had a 406/409 , now a single 409 ! ) I removed the 3pdt relay and switch, also removed the controller from it's frame location as i'm moving up to a 40 amp unit !!!


( May 10, 2008 )

Back to the batteries !


Rain and cold weather, i'm working in the garage.. Going with the black theme, the lexan boxes are getting a coat of gloss black.


I was going to use metal flake black, but i dropped the can that broke the spray nozle, trying to get another tip into the can.. made a mess.. ooops.

( May 11, 2008 )

Covered the packs with tool box liner, foam rubber type stuff. Anytime you plan to work with 5 minute epoxy glue, clean your work area well, you don't want to get glue over everything you own lol.


Rubbing alcohol, paper towels, toothpicks, glue, knife, nylong filament tape etc..


And a big pot of coffee !

Working with 2 part epoxy is no fun, stinks, and if you get it on your fingers you better work fast to wipe it off with solvent or you will make everything you touch just as sticky.. Mixing just the right amount is very important, don't mix enough and you end up with a problem. Mix too much and you waste precious glue.

I managed to glue a card to my elbow at one point, had to rush and get it off and cleaned, was unable to get a picture for fear of having to show up at work with cardboard stuck to my arm..




November 29, 2008

During the 2008 season, I drove over 1000kms on the Chaos, 70 charge cycles and 310ah used.

Happy to report, nothing broken !

The controller got wet at one point in July, had to open it up and let it dry, took advantage of it being open to "
solder the shunt " a bit more to allow the controller to draw more than the stock 20 amps. After the added solder, the motor was allowed 30+ amps !!!

I also got a 2nd Thunder Power charger

The original chargers that came with my Li-Mangenese packs were pretty cheap and very crappy, one was 4amps the other was 2 ( on a 20ah pack , this means 10 hours if you drain the pack flat !!.. ).. the TP1010 chargers can charge at up to 10 amps cutting the job down to 2 hrs max !

For 2009, the Chaos is getting a new battery pack made up of " PSI " LiFePo4 10ah cells !!

More later !!


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