Cyclone 2


June 21, 2008

The cranks are connected to the axle, that in turn is held into the frame by a " Bottom Bracket " .

Above, you see the tool required to remove one of the various types out there.. in the case of the BikeE.. a one piece bottom bracket.

Once the cranks are removed, you slide on the tool..


The left and right side are not the same..

Sitting on the bicycle, the cup on the left side is regular " lefty loosie " ie: counter clockwise for removal. while the Right side is reverse thread.. So in order to remove the right side cup you have to turn the wrench " Clockwise " .. !


Above, you see the original axle/bottombracket

In the middle is the axle used for the 500w cyclone !

Bottom axle is used on the 1000w cyclone !

In order to pedal without hitting the motor, the kit requires a wider spacing than usual between the cranks. Because the BikeE has a one piece Bottom Bracket ( BB ) I had no way of securing the kit axle to the bike.

Solution ?

Yet another trip to the local bike shop, I swear these guys smile when I walk in . $$$ But you do what you gotta do..

On the left, for 15 $ is a BB cup and bearing kit, with rubber bushings to keep moisture out of your cranks.. and on the right the 9 $ version without seals. For this project, we will use the one on the left !


I cleaned out the gunk from the frame, and applied a healthy layer of HD bearing grease.

Loaded up the bearing cup with grease, and the bearing onto the axle with even more grease.. If you look above, you can see that there are 2 cups, one has a locking ring, the other does not... the locking ring goes on the left side ( your left, when sitting on the bike )

There is a special tool used for tightening these rings, I don't have it yet, so we improvised !. Using a metal punch and a rubber hammer, you can gently tap it into place. This sometimes takes a few attempts so that the bearings are not too tight, or too loose.. you want the axle to spin freely but no up and down play.



Next up, the cyclone " Freewheeling Cranks " . As you can see, the chain guard arrived broken and in 2 pieces. And the bolts requried to mount the chainring to the cranks were not included in my shipment. Thankfully i'm well equipped in nuts and bolts..

Stealing from peter to pay paul.. took the pant protector from my 1000w kit and swapped it out for the 500w. will deal with that later on. A few drops of loc-tite to make sure things stay put.. and torqued it all down.


Done !


Now for the motor mounting..

This is what is supplied with the kit, a mix of nuts and bolts, no printed instructions , what you find on the cyclone website is pretty much all you have to go on.. so making the best of what i have..


I removed one of the 4 motor's black bolts and secured the jockey wheel that came with the kit.. this will help keep the chain inline with the drive sproket and prevent the chain from jumping while improving the grab by keeping the chain against the teeth of the motor.


I have been at this since about 5pm, and it's now 11pm.. test ride will have to wait until morning !



June 23, 2008

Currently dealing with crowded handlebars !!!

Not enough room on the bars for

- Brake lever

- Grip shifter

- Twist throttle

- grip

- Bar end

Gulp. So the solution is to use a thumb throttle instead of a twist.. Sent a few emails and voila: ( also confirmation that it's a HALL type throttle ! , same as Crystalyte )



June 24, 2008

Using the picture of a crystalyte 20 amp controller ( taken from for reference )

The mission is to hook up a crystalyte brand 3 pin thumb throttle, to a cyclone 7 pin connector.


Crystalyte - Cyclone

Red - Red ( 5v )

Yellow - White ( Ground )

Green - Yellow ( Wiper/Throttle )

No turning back.. cut the 7 pin wire from the cylone throttle.. Cut the crystalyte, carefully slice the outer jacket, then strip each strand. After having done a fair amount of this stuff I have developed a way to do things.. likely some Electrical Engineers reading this going " nooo... that's all wrong.. " but hey.. I get'r done ! I found that soldering in one strand at a time makes it easier than trying to twist up 3 seperate wires and solder all at once.. keeps the thing together once you get one wire soldered !


.. heat shrink.. flux.. solder and :

Voila.. a no LED, crystalyte thumb throttle, on a cyclone 7 pin connector !

There were 3 extra wires on the cyclone side.. Grey, Black and Green.. I simply shrink wrapped them apart from each other and left them alone. These are used for the LED battery indicator on the cyclone, and e-brakes.. 2 things not required for this bike .


Then the moment of truth.

Took this new throttle to the kitchen ( Yes.. i'm working in the kitchen. the living room and dining room are full.. no choice ) plugged it into the motor/ controller.... Lifted the rear wheel off the ground ( just in case I got it wrong and this thing takes off full-throttle rocketing itself into my glass top stove..!!!!! you never know )

Figners crossed, Hooked up the battery and nothing dramatic .. no smoke.. no sparks.. cool..

With reservation, apply just a touch of throttle and the motor came to life .. ! IT'S ALIVE !



June 25, 2008

" The Maiden Voyage "

Was too exited to take a picture before departure, I just " had to go " ..

With 24v of lithium on my lap ( kinda cool you can do this on a recumbent.. you are sitting down !! ) . I kicked off and pedaled a few meters, clumsily as I had a battery on my lap! holding it with one hand.. and holding the bars with the other ) and gently massaged the thumb throttle.. 2 seconds later Bzzzzzzzzz.. and away I went !

Got about 20 meters further and gave it a bit more juice, heard a tic toc.. backed off the throttle and all was ok .. tried again and " Choink " the chain came off the motor sproket. Doh..

Hung my head in shame and rolled back to my front door.

But .. Ha.. the joke is on cyclone .. cuz i don't give up that easily.

This is a kids skateboard, I picked this up on the top of a spring cleaning junk pile 2 houses down ( Thanks Steve !! ) ..

Remember : Recude, REUSE , and Recycle !

Using a long threaded bolt, ( reused from the mounting hardware that would not work on this bike ! ) and a few large washers, loaded the wheel into the drill press ! Set on " High- Speed ! "


Using a flat metal file, wore down the hard plastic wheels into shape.

Then the next challenge. The ID ( Inside Diameter ) of the skateboard wheel, was larger than the bolt needed on the cyclone motor. This would allow the wheel to pivot, deflect, and throw the chain..

If i was a rich man.. i'd have a stock of shims.. rods.. a mill , lathe . oh ... I dream of the day. For now.. we make do !

Cut a piece of sheet metal, squeezed it around a section of threaded rod, hammered it straight.. Some Dremel work with a cutting disk to reduce the diameter until it fit just right.. and

And get go from A to B


There !.. " Lets see you get away from me now .."

Next up: Shims and supports for the motor bracket !


June 27 , 2008

As seen above, " The Wheel " was very close to the freewheel.. too close actually as it would not allow the chain to follow thru smoothly.

Back to the drill press and shaved another layer..

That should do the trick.

Then, I loosened the threaded rods and adjusted the lenght of each one so that the motor could slide up into the bracket as high as possible. Marked and cut, and grind, and back on the bike. I removed the electrical tape as the rubber and glue combination acts as a lubricant in a way on the very smooth aluminum frame.. Mounted the motor closser to the cranks for a stiffer section of the main tube. and clamped it down as hard as i dare....

Now for the Battery !

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