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Downtube FS

The Downtube FS ( Full Suspension ) was purchased on E-Bay, my first go at a 72v hub motor setup. In the rear bag was 72v 8ah of Nimh , and a 20 amp Double-Speed controller. Along with the original version of the DrainBrain ( Now called the Cycle Analyst )


It only took about 50 kms before I determined that the 72v 406/409 motor was better suited to a stronger frame.. See : Chaos


However, this bicycle had some very serious potential as a power-assist Ebike.

Above is a single speed 405 in a 20" rim with a 7 speed freewheel.


Added a 36v 8ah Nicad battery pack.

And the bike was just about as good as it gets for the price, at 36v the 405 in a 20" rim gives legal canadian speeds of 30 km/h, with minimal pedal input it climbed hills very well and was a very light weight combo !

Some video of me on the downtube from home to work

Trip to work