( Internal Combustion Engine )

Oct 25, 2010

When i first decided to add a motor to my bicycle i googled for quite some time looking at available options, I either had to pick Gas or Battery as a fuel source.. I started with the batteries ... So now after all this time, it finally happens !

Above is what's known as a " Happy Time " kit !

I got this one from ebay, all the way from vancouver, for 115$ !

Instruction Manual, in full color !!!.. wow !

Above, surprisingly light ( I estimate about 10 lbs ) 2 stroke 66cc.

And my neighbor's bike that i " borrowed ", he knows me well enough by now to expect just about anything when i ask to borrow a bicycle ! hehe.

The instructions were well written and fairly clear, the rear sproket is attached to the left side of the wheel with a rubber ring and metal plate, nuts and bolts, directly onto the spokes !.. I had my doubts, but after alot of online research aparently this works well and does not seem to cause excessive spoke breakage..


The gas tank was a mess however, the inside was rusted very severely, i suspect they leak test the tanks with water and do not properly dry them out before packing them.. I had to pour a handfull of dry rice into it, shake, then use an air compressor to blow out the orange dust cloud it created, then flushed it with gasoline.. The kit does come with a fuel filter and the petcock has a screen filter as well.. i had to cut the screen filter off because it was causing flow problems.

There is no pull start or kick start on this motor, instead, it is directly linked to the rear wheel so you pull the clutch lever, pedal as fast as you can , then drop the clutch so the motor is forced to pump fuel and start.. I like this actually, no pulling a cable with a sore shoulder..

The exhaust pipe was a problem however, it hit the left side pedal, i tried bending it but could not get it to flex enough so I had to cut and weld it .

The throttle, carb, kill switch came together easily, the clutch cable however was a bit more of a challenge... First, the clutch lever would not fit the handlebars and i broke it trying to strech it, so i used another lever i had on hand from an ebike electric brake lever..

First ride went well !!.. the motor fired up as expected and after a bit of effort it warmed up and ran well. After a few minutes i came home and re-tightened all the nuts and bolts that vibrated loose, and repeated this a few more times..

I have burned 1 tank of fuel so far, it's holding up well, for the price i paid this is pretty much what i expected, similar performance to a 500w ebike kit but loud !!

Top speed is 55 km/h on level ground and max rpm's.. it could be geared taller but would loose acceleration, I plan to leave it the way it is until it breaks, then we upgrade !


Next up is a Mitsubishi 43cc 2 stroke with Staton-inc.com gearbox


I traded my 48v 10ah Headway pack for this used but in good condition kit. This is known as Left side drive, Rack Mount. Not the most asthetic option but easier to install. The motor pulls a chain on a special hub that has a freewheel mounted on it, instead of being attached to the spokes like the HT kit above.


The previous owner painted it black, i plan to either touch it up or strip it down this winter but that does not matter for now.

I found the installation fairly typical and not too uncommon to an ebike, it almost never just " Fits " , some cutting, some grinding, extra nuts and bolts. I estimate 2 hrs of hands on work and 4 more hours of think time.

The staton gearbox is massive, and heavy, i have not yet opened it for inspection but i will.

This setup is much more expensive than the Happy Time kit above, and accordingly better, acceleration is not stellar but it pulls well, top speed i estimate aprox 45 to 50 km/h, i will have to hook up the GPS and test this.

The gas tank is small, holds enough fuel for about 40 kms.