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April 19, 2013

Mission : Lipo Leaf Blower !

A few years ago I cut the power cord from my old Black & Decker leaf blower / mulcher.




And this thing has been working like a charm for the last 2 years. . . the Youtube video also got plenty of hits, and I got many emails about it.

Sadly, sometime last december I used it to clear snow from the garage and when I turned it off, I heard a snap and crackle sound, this usually means .. BAD... and sure as could be, next time I tried to use it.. nothing.. dead.. BBbbzzzzrt...

It uses torx screws, and some are deep into the shell but since I have a pretty good collection of tools... Got the sucker open !

The brushes look " ok " .. but the armature is in rough shape, charred. .

I then tested the motor by using aligator clips and a 48v lipo pack to give it a one second jolt..

Zoom.. the motor works fine. so it's just the switch that fried.. I got lots of those..

Soldered one of the two motor wires directly to the power line.

Then I installed a switch inline with the other wire.. and cut the 3rd leg of the 3 pole switch.. ( i had 2 pole switches but this one was rated at higher amp )

Drilled a hole for the switch..

And Voila !

Fixed !

I have no idea how long the switch will last at 100v DC, but it's cheap and I have a bunch of them, so if it lasts one year, it's all good.. this thing comes in really handy to clear sawdust from the table saw ... clear lawn clippings from the driveway.. I was really missing it while it was out of action.. but she's back !


oh. and had a small case of KFF ( Kentucky Fried Fingers ) when I failed to pay attention and managed to short out the test battery..


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