Repair !

Ok.. so last year ( 2010 ) was all about LiPo.. the Turnigy packs served me well, after having gone thru the entire list of SLA, Nimh, Nicad, Lifepo4, LiMn, i found that lipo was a step above all else when it comes to small and light without sacrifice in terms of power..

I ordered 2 batches of packs, 16 packs in all, all were 6 cell, 5ah ( 6S 5000mah )

4 of these were put on the Norco Chaos

8 were used on the RC bike

and the last 4 were used in various projects, like The Leaf Blower and other things like the E-BMX

These last 4 were problem packs, each had bad cells in them from day one. I did manage to bring some of the cells back to life but they require constant attention because they loose capacity from sitting on the shelf causing an imballanced voltage across the pack.

Well, i could have spent 30$ to ship them back to Hobby King, wait for months, and hope i get good packs in return but honestly it's not worth it... for one, it's dangerous to ship these, and i was looking for a reason to tear one open to see what's inside so what the hell.. why not !


However... ... ...


so now..