The Lumenator !

In May 2010, i contacted the team at !

" Give me the absolute brightest thing you have available ! "

Above, Halogen 20w ( 10w each ) MR11 lights !

On - Off buttons on the back, water proof..

Comes with all the wires needed.. Including a Y cable to power both lights in parallel.

Made to work with most ebikes, the lights come with a DC/DC adapter to use ebike battery pack voltage and adjust it to 12v for the lights.

Hello Mr. Anderson ! ( matrix movie pun.. ) easily plugs into existing anderson connectors, no need to cut and modify your ebike if you already use anderson powerpoles !

Mounted to the handlebars on my A2B Metro !

Tool free mount works great, much better than the previous CA mounts ( they also worked good but if they loosened up during a ride, were a pain if you don't carry tools ! Rare thing, but has happened to me a few times .)

I'm not sure how specific the " 70v max " rating is on the unit, so i hooked it up to 8 cells from the chopper's 24 cell pack ( Full charge the 24 cell pack is 82+ volts ! )

The halogen bulbs emmit a yellowish light, nice flood, and good spot.. picture is not the greatest as i'm still experimenting with night settings and this camera is not the best for that.

This is aprox 75 ft, no camera flash..

About the same time, i started looking into LED flashlights..

So for comparison, the three flashlights on the left all use three AAA eneloop nimh cells .

The 4th on the right is a 900 lumen MTE M 3-2 with a single 18650 konion lithium cell.

Both 1 and 2 produce this much light ( below ) .. i canot bike with this more than 10 km/h on known roads or i'm screwed.... = Lame..

This is my back yard, fenced with solar led lanterns on the top posts.. 25ft away


Below, light No.3 , this is a single LED emitte, i got this flashligh for like 10$ from harbor freight online with an order of parts, i used this thru the winter of 2009/2010... this is by far superior to my old trusty maglite with 2 AA cells...


And now.. Light no.4 !

Simply amazing !!!!... This is what a 40 $ flashlight can do !


And now the Halogen

As you can see below, the halogen light is more yellow, nice flood without much " ring " effect, it spreads the light nicely..


June 2010

So that was the start of it.. and the flashlight addiction continued forward.... some of my current collection:

Far left, 5xled head, then a 2 cell Xenon , then the MTE, followed by a pair of surefire P7's, Blue SSC lithium, aaa led, 3w mini pocket light and a single cell AAA led.. and then the one and only " Lumenators !!! "

I can't even put into words how bright the lumenator is, so i made a video :


How cool is that ? !!


Update Feb, 2013

The obsession with flashlights has grown, I've been buying various lights from china and testing them out, have learned a whole lot in the process.. and much more to learn as well....

Flashlights for Sale

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