Miami Sun !

( Crystalyte 409 and 36v 12ah SLA )

August 1, 2010


Mid july i got a call from " Louis "

" I have this old trike, and well, wondering if you could put a motor on it for me ? "

Well, i'm always up for a challenge so a short conversation later, Louis was on his way with the Sun in his truck !


After a quick observation, and negotiation, it got it's place in the garage.

This Miami Sun trike is indeed an old one, all the way from Florida. Single speed, 24" wheels all around and only Front brakes ( and i hesitate to even mention them... but there were on there ! ).

First thing to decide was the motor, the purpose of the bike is to go nice and slow, quietly, and for aprox 5km trips.. No need for monster power, just enough to help with the hills and wind.


I decided on a Crystalyte 409, and 36v SLA ( Sealed Lead Acid ). The 409 will do almost 30km/h on 36v in a 26" wheel, and will run well at 50 % throttle for 10 to 15 km/h.



The original fork was not very strong in the dropout portion, just thin walled flattened pipe with an 8mm axle... very much less than ideal.. on top of that, it's very difficult to find a quality 24" rim with 36 holes that the motor needs and the original rim was all rusty with seized spokes. and only single walled..

So, Off with the Fork !

Above you can see the green fork on the red frame, i was going to paint the fork red but spray paint is not as durable as Power Coat that is already on this fork.. so Green it is !


This fork is nice and strong but never a bad idea to use torque arms when ever possible.. and since i recently got myself a Lincoln 140 Welder i can finally make torque plates to fit just right ! !!


Nice and strong !..