With eZee kit from

July 19, 2008

( I am writing this now in jan 2011.. but this page info dates back to 2008 )

" J " ( I shall call the owner of this bike J, to preserve anonymity )

J. Wanted to get an E-bike not long afer a drop in visit while the owner of the Bike-E ( with cyclone 500w ) was picking up his new bike.

Quote J " i'm curious about an electric motor for my bike. i bought a bike 2 years ago, with the thought of cycling back and forth to work (25km each way). the problem is that it takes me more than one hour each way, and i work long hours. if i couuld shave off 15 minutes i'd be happy. there are a few hills, but it is mostly wind that slows me down. will turning my bike into an e-bike help me? what will it cost me? (ball park - 500$, 1000$) "

J is a tall guy and his daily driver bicycle was a Miele hybrid with 700C wheels, at the time it was impossible to get the eZee kit in a rear motor and the fork on the miele was too fragile for a hub motor, so we had to go with a different donor bike...

Shortly after.

Email sent to J :

" I picked up your new bike today and rode it home from Bungay's bike shop, I had them install an adapter to the front fork for the 7" front disk brake on the ezee motor, the rear wheel will be V brakes.

The bicycle is a Norco Mountaineer, aluminum frame, 21 speed, thumb and index shifters, front suspension, all around nice bike.  .They had it as 499 $ plus tax, on sale for 350 taxes in.

I picked up a rear rack, and a kick stand. The kit should arrive very soon and i will test it out right away and let you know how it goes ! "

July 18 2008

Well, i just got back from a test ride, short run to test the battery and wire routing etc.. minor adjustments to the controls and that's pretty much it.. she's ready !

Very smooth ride, the combination of front suspension, soft rear tire, lithium battery, make for a real nice light weight ebike.. If you feel the need for speed, this model will accept up to 48v !! but at 36v it provides a nice 30 + km/h with mild pedaling..   I'm confident you will like it.

I installed a " Cycle Analyst " on the bike, anyone running lithium batteries should have one, very useful piece of kit.. will tell you how much power you have used, how much you have left, and will display voltage, watts, amps, etc.. so you can monitor your battery pack over time.. .

July 19 2009

J: i'm very excited. i biked home from work yesterday and it took me 1 hour 40 min to travel the 30 km,. ( pedal power only )


by July 23 2008 the bike was sent on it's way to a new home.. and

J " so far so good. took the bike to work yesterday. used 6 aH to get there in a strong headwind, but only 2.5 on return trip i wanted to run it dry, but got hungry. i forget when you said it would die, 8.5 aH is what i did yesterday, will it get as far as 10?. took just over an hour going both ways. evrything works beautifully. i'll keep you posted "


longest trip was sunday. took the 30km trip to work, then left half hour early and biked 65 km home, going across the kingston peninsula. i would have not quite made it, but i stopped at a friends house for a beer and charged up for an hour. it was very windy, and blew in my face almost the entire way. on friday i biked home in the pouring rain with a bag over the accelorator. that was fun. i'm starting to get used to the analyst as well. i try very hard to stay under 800w, and usually use 200 to 500w.