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First time ebike buyer guide!

The Guide is a basic " what's what " on ebikes, kits, options, what to consider when picking your kit etc...

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Norco Bigfoot

Big fat tires and lots of fun...


8Fun - Mid Drive

Mid Drives aka Chain Drive, the alternative to a hub motor.

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The Chaos, I have lost count of the miles put on this bike, it has seen 9C, clyte, ezee, etc motors, all sizes, nimh, liMn, LiPo, .. it's the test mule for all things fun, it's a long 6 page and growing log of this bike's versions over the last many years. ( page 7, aug 2013 )

Chaos (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)



The RC bike is a project still evolving, many things learned along the way, this documents the use of Remote Control , aka : RC parts on a bicycle..

*(update : page 5 - May 17 2013 )

RC Bike - (Page 2 ) (Page 3) (Page 4) (Page 5)


SLA - Sealed Lead Acid

A blast from the past, testing 12v SLA batteries to use in low cost kits. ..


Black & Decker Lipo Blower

Black&Decker Leaf blower, used to plug in to the wall, now it runs on Lipo !


KM X Cobra - Page 2

Recumbent tadpole trike, one comfy ride, stable, rugged, and oh so much fun...



Lacing a bicycle wheel is not " easy " but it's not impossible, this is the start of a big work in progress showing how to put together as well as fix out of " true " wheels.



The veins of any EV, wire gauge, types, colors, crimp, solder, splice, weather proofing..



Lights ! -Halogen, LED's and Cycle Lumenator

Flashlights, bulbs, lighting, you have to see it to believe it.


Ultra-Motor : A2B Metro -

Page 2

While searching for a " ready to ride bike, that i can actually afford and would not be embarrased to ride"

The A2B Metro looks good, solid, reliable, all around good bike, read the extensive review, going into a 2nd page.



Local customer in Richibucto got this bike form Quebec a few years ago while on vacation, it's a folding mini-bike.. took some work but got it going better than new.



(Internal Combustion Engine )

With all the electric bikes i've put together, i had to try out the gasoline kits to get a hands on comparison, cheap, loud, smelly... but you go far on a liter of fuel !


Batteries !!!

Zippy Flightmax-Hyperion-TPpacks

How to test, assemble, charge , etc 48v 15ah of Lipo with an RC charger and protection circuidt ( BMS )

Reycled Cordless Tool Packs

For the last number of years, cordless power tool companies like makita, dewalt, ridgid etc have all gone form Nicad to Lithium.. The cells beins used are similar to laptop cells but more powerfull with less capacity per cell, some of them work on ebikes if you have the time to salvage them.

A123 - M1- 12v SLA replacement

Using A123 M1 cells from DeWalt 36v Li-Ion packs to run as a 12v battery on a Ski-Doo

Turnigy LiPo - Part 2 ( Repairs )

Above, my 1st forray into Lipo use, 2010.. how to inspect, sort, group, charge, discharge, safety stuff etc.. and part 2 is 2011 having to repair some of them to salvage good cells.


48v 10ah LiFePo4 cells in a black box, BMS problems and how to make an " ok " battery pack, better.


This was before the headway cells, a shipment of 10ah cylindrical cells direct from Taiwan, used in many of my projects over the years, as of march 2013 they still work.


Full review of E-bikekit.com LiFePo4 battery 36v 10ah, this pack is no longer offered by EBK but is still in ervice for 2013


Repair of a very large 48v LiFePo4 pack form china, wrapped in duct tape, hacked to make a 36v pack.


The electric BMX, another test mule for motors, voltrages, etc, small bike, big fun, speed record on gps stands at 85 kph.



The eZee kit from ebikes.ca is a well built, geared hub motor, i've installed this kit on many bikes, a few examples below





Cyclone, the ebike driven by chain instead of all those Hub motor bikes i've tested so far, on a BikeE semi-bent, easier than an RC build but more complex than a hub motor kit, lots of DIY to make this kit work.. read on.

Cyclone ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) ( 5 )


Schwinn Chopper, got a bare frame on ebay, tested various combinations of motor and batteries, no pedals, just foot pegs and smiles..

Red Hornet ------- X5 Chopper ------- X5 PSI Chopper !

-- --


Unfinished page on my neighbor's insane bike, wheelie monster on 26" rims.. 100v 100+ amps.. crazy..

9C - Nine Continents



Tri-Rider -

Nick's trike, husband to evox Ann, wonderful couple I met from word of mouth, 2 ebikes as unique as their owners !


Miami Sun

Local customer form Memramcook, wanted a bit of a boost to get him up the orchard hill, comfortable trike !



A folding bike, first purchased to run on 72v, not built for speed, sold to my neihgbor's wife, nice ride, but not for speed demons.



page not yet built, an eZee kit on a Giant ATX 890, local customer enjoying retirement.



The original, Ypedal' s ebike no.1, what started it all.


The " PukE"

another work in progress, have had 2 of these, 1st one i sold, 2nd one is in storage waiting for a few 1000 watts of power for weekend drunken laughts, it's a " Pukka " but once i'm done with it, it will be the Puke !




Various Lithium Battery pictures


Youtube Video Clips


L.B.D ( Light Bulbs ? )

A cheap method to discharge and test packs using standard household materials.


10mm Axle in a 9mm space !

When you just " have to make it fit somehow " .. incomplete.