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March 21 2010

Oh wow....!!!

I just got back from my first RC ride of 2010 !!!

Before heading out however, i took the time to fab a spring loaded chain tensioner for the 2nd stage, totally worth the effort, removed that anoying vibration i was getting before.. smoooooth now !

And it's that time , LiPo baby !!!! I should be getting a pocket full of cash from the sale of a bike i built last week and it's going towards some 6S 5000mah packs and chargers/celllogs/etc


Some observations of the bike at this point in time..

She gets toasty !!!... it's impressive how much power you can get out of such a small motor, this thing fits in your hand vs a 25 lbs hub motor..

I think with a big fat heat sink ( the 2 stage aluminum block itself sucks out heat BIG TIME .. i thought my belt was getting hot but it's the motor heating up the drive and getting the belt hot ! lol.. ) i still have to play with the castle controller software, I may try retarding timing next for fun.

Gotta start somewhere, my first hub motor was a used wilderness energy front kit with 7ah SLA !!... now that totally sucked !

A while later i built a 100v 100 amp chopper that just makes anyone that sits on it smile after 10 seconds on the throttle.. lol..

The RC version of my dream ebike will come in the form of a KMX trike with multiple motors, a quad 3210 maybe ? the sound it would make.. freakin great...!

Bottom line, I can only do as much as the budget allows. So with that in mind the next thing is lipo .. then i'll get back into the drive adjustments ! Unfortunately the RC bike is not the only project on the go.. gulp..

Page 30 of the build thread on Endless Shere, see this link for the full conversation ..


March 28 2010

Alrighty. so i just got back from a short ride.

Before i left, i plugged in the castle USB programmer and changed the motor advance setting from Medium to Low, no noticable change in performance but it seems like the rpm/amp draw settles more quickly and the motor was not as hot as it usually is ( considering it's 0 celcius out there right now ). More testing to do but something i have been wanting to do for a while now.

About the battery thing, the PSI cells are up to the job but are being pushed too hard with this setup, 10C gets these poor cells too hot for comfort in my backpack.

Regardless of gearing this bike needs a proper diet of Lipo and 20ah worth of them for the range i want from the bike. Once i get the batteries onto the frame and off my back, i can go back and fine tune the gearing some more.. it's in the ballpark now and good enough to use as is for a while.


April 13 2010

How's this for an eye opener..

I FINALLY bolted a magnet to the nuvinci and calibrated a CA....

Low Gear no load speed = 43 km/h

High Gear no load speed.. are you ready for this ? .. : 155 km/h !!!!!

at Battery voltage 46v


May 30 2010

My RC bike has REAR BRAKES !!!!!!!!!...

I got an adapter for the 203mm rotor and i picked up an avid BB5 caliper, oh the joy of stopping power !..

And... crossing my fingers.. but LiPo should land tomorrow !

I've been riding the bike a few times a week during the last month or so, it has been holding up well so far, damn i hope i'm not jinxing it.. I'm getting used to the nuvinci shiting habbits along with throttle position to hold for best efficiency ( cruising at 20 amps, half throttle )

Took it off-road, the motor mount is holding up well to hard hits, rear hookworm is not a good off-road tire but does the job for light trail duty.

Talk about an attention magnet this thing is.. yikes...



May 31 2010

LIPO IS IN !!!!!..

I'm at work, but my neighbor took the box from mr. post man ! can't wait to get home !


June 6 2010

Yeeehawww.... Lipo really put some pep in the RC bike's step !

49v hot off the charger and with 10ah worth of 20C on board i'm pulling 100 amps + at 46~47v !!!!!!! That poor little astro is really gonna cook now !

If i can carefully keep the throttle and gear ratio just before the belt skips i think it now will give the chopper some competition in the 100 meter dash.

Thank god i now have back brakes !


June 29 2010

After alot of pondering, i have decided on 20ah.. this is 8 packs in all to fit on the bike... no easy task.

Over the last few days i've been cycling and matching packs, 4 will go on the back of the frame ( disregard the masking tape, just had to make it stay together for a dry fit. )


July 3 2010

I hate it when the simplest things kick my butt sometimes... i've been sitting with a battery pack in my hands for the last hour pondering how to make a mount inside the triangle to hold that sucker.

the pack on the back will be easy, a bit L bracket with zip ties, velcro and some tape..

But the pack inside the triangle is really giving me a hard time.....

I could hang it from the top tube with alot of tape............... i wanted to keep the angle of the boxes to match the angle of the downtube and rear triangle..... but at this point i really just want to secure the packs so i can run the bike for a while...


July 5 2010

Regarding the Parallel cables...

Found a strip of copper in my stash.. cut a 5mm band, sanded it up nice and clean.. stripped back all the cables ( 4 x 10awg leads, one for each pack, and 2 x for the output side with PP45's )

Ganged up all the cables and banded them together with the copper strip

With my Hakko 936 soldering station set to MAX, fill with solder, flip, solder some more, repeat..

This Turnigy silicone wire is awsome !!!.. anything else would have melted into the solder joint making a mess of things but this silicone jacket remains in place while getting HOT>...

I tried with a butane torch but the heat canot be directed well enough and it was impossible..

2 down.. 2 to go.

After a full afternoon of soldering and cutting and glue etc... all i have left to do is crimp a few more andersons and Voila !

Voila !

Will cover the white filament tape with black tomorrow....

Ok.. so .. it was too late for a video but i did manage to go for a test ride....... OH MY GOD !!!!!

49v when i left home, 3.6ah later i'm still at 47.x volts, pure fun, efficient this machine is NOT but who cares with 20ah on board ! ..... all good in my book.

The controller does get significantly hotter than before ( at 14 cell , 44v lifepo4 the controller remained pretty much cool no matter what i did ), if i run full tilt 100% throttle the controller does cool down but then i'm sucking back 30 to 40 amps .... i can back off the throttle and gear up to go the same speed at 20 amps with 75% throttle position. Will need more time on the road to figure that one out but those are the quick observations so far.

Bottom line = I'm happy with it .


July 6 2010

Some strangeness today, i noticed this last night but i only went for a short ride, today i went for a 10ah rip and at half throttle the controller pulses power up and down in like 2 second bursts RRRRRrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrRRRRRRr... if i pin the throttle it rev's up and keeps on going but if i keep 50% throttle i get the pulsing...

This has never been a problem before, and as the voltage dropped from the stiff 49~48v into the 46~45v this problem was not as bad below 46v ..


Only thing left to fix right now is the chain tensioner on the 2nd stage, i have to trim the arm a bit as it knocks the motor ever so slightly and is very anoying, but not critical.

The bike as a whole runs good, the big 203mm Avid disk with BB5 caliper in the rear provides plenty of stop.

The nuvinci is holding up well so far ( I got it up to 40 celcius today !! )

The drive system is stable, no more slipping shafts since the divots ( but the set screws are jamed in permanently, i'm screwed when i decide to change gears.... )

Motor temps after a good run, 80 celcius ( and the drive system is by far the best heat sink ever !!!. )

Controller gets hot if i puttt around, i remedy that with a fist full of throttle. but i do wish i could run at very low thorttle positions in confidence.. i'm willing to bolt up a regular ebike controller (a big one.. ) with halls anytime now..

Quote Fechter:

" To completely disable the limiter (and eliminate any possibility of surging), simply lift one side of D2, which is the small diode located near the middle of the board. An alternate approach is to disconnect the black wire going to the limit adjusting pot (easier to re-attach).

The best solution would be to change the loop filter caps/resistors (C6, R8, R9) to make the limiter work properly under your conditions, but finding the right values is very tricky/time consuming.

What AJ did was to increase the value of C5 to something larger, like 10uf, but this causes a lag when releasing the throttle, which is undesirable.

D2 it is !!

I really don't want any limiting, all go, no whoa..

I see D1 on top left, but where is D2 ???

Alright.. so i snipped the black wire ( sown above ) and since i had it apart and was not in the mood to take it apart a 2nd time unless i have to .. for good measure i snipped the leg from D2.

Plugged it in for a test ride and it still works, but the surging is still present, not as bad but still there..

It seems to hit when i pull max amps... mext step is to hook it up to the PC again and make sure the battery protection options are all disabled !!

before i do that tho.. time to trim the 2nd stage tensioner, this rap tap tap is driving me crazy.

argh... the tap tap was not from the tensioner , it's the chain.... got a sticky link


July 9 2010

Hooked the controller

up to the CC software today and found 2 options for throttle cutout, soft and hard.. left it on soft.

I set startup power to hard, and am at 16 khz setting, neutral timing.. updated the controller and went for a ride.. the pulsing is pretty much gone but still a tad bit noticable.. i'm thinking the 45 amp powerpoles between the controller and throttle box have to go, will solder it in later today.

Still works fine tho, i removed the chain, oiled it up really good.. worked that sticky link by hand and put it back on the bike.. no more clack for the time being ( still ordering a new one regardless )

Went for an 8.6 ah Ride just now, and holding 45v + , it's REALLY hot out here today, hottest this bike will ever be driven in, pulling between 20 to 40 amps constant ( 2000w ) the motor seems to peak out at 80 celcius, controller is 45 c , and the nuvinci 42 c.. so temps are in check, motor is HOT but taking it like a champ so far !

I'm not going to put a 3220 on this setup, it would only lead to more problems with the added power, i'm learning to push it just before the limit so i don't get belt skippage and it goes fast enough for me..

the bigger motor and the trike will come next, but i'm waiting for hall sensors to be sorted out.


Awsome afternoon, perfect for a ride, set off me and neighbor with the RC and the Chaos, took the camera so i have some video to edit !!

It's " Speed Sport, Atlantic Nationals " week in moncton, hot rods from all over the place come down for a show and shine so we set off to check it out.

Everything went perfect, both bikes run well together, the RC has more top end speed but gets there slower, until we got literally home and i decided to drag race the bikes up the street.......

argh.... ... Stripped another set screw... 2nd stage ... SOB.....


Aug 11 , 2010

My new chains arrived today !!!... Put that sucker on pronto and just got back from a test ride.

No more tick tick tick..... just smoooooth sounding chains.

Charging up and will take it to work tomorrow !

One of the packs has a bad cell No.4, loosing .5ah in 2 weeks sitting.. going to have to yank that pack ( good thing i built the battery boxes easy to re-open. )


Aug 12 , 2010

alright.. made it to work and back.. burned thru 7.5ah doing it !!! ( Drove it like i stole it ) . was fairly cold this morning, the motor and controller like it that way..

I'm still getting some surging at 50% throttle... seemed worse on the way home for some reason.. weird. But she's alive again !.. woot !

Aug 20 , 2010

Well.. some new personal records to report.

- Made it home under 5 minutes ( from previous 6 )

- Astro 3210 motor temp = 112 celcius ( 233.6 f ) !!!

Damn weathermen.. i was promissed sunny skies today so i took the RC to work, nice and cool this morning, had to wear a coat, perfect to keep a hot runner cool... burned 2.8ah on the way to work taking it fairly easy..

But.. i finish work, step outside and i feel droplets falling.. argh... this bike is NOT a rain bike.. nothing sealed , nothing protected, so i decide to gun it home on the FAST....

I kept the CA reading well over 2000w, and closer to 3000w all the way home.. pulling 60 to 80 battery amps all the way.....no idea how fast i was going but i kept up with city traffic ..

Got home, took the bike into the kitchen, found my IR thermometer and registered 112 celcius at the motor mount plate ( the silver motor won't register on the meter, but it sinks heat into the 2 stage drive really well.. )

I can smell the rubber belt lol...

controller, amazingly, warm to the touch ! .. not sure how that's possible but it is.. i was expecting some serious heat ..

CA says 7.9ah ( minus 2.8ah this morning ) = 5.1ah in less than 6 kms = roughly 40 wh / km

August 29, 2010

Ginally made a GPS mount !

I have a chunk of nylon cutting board, this stuff is great to work with, durable, won't crack..

Took it for a rip, i can get 45 km/h on lowest gear, full rev, level ground..


October 17, 2010

Finally made some time to start working on side panels to cover the packs and all those wires... picture sucks as it's late and dark in the house.. but got the 2 halves cut and bent, need to make some scoops for the front but that's for tomorrow.


April 11 , 2011

Awsome day today, sun is out, snow is melting, REPAIRED the bad cell from my no.2 pack last week and i just got back from a 15ah ride !!!

All running smoothly, but i need to clean and re-grease the chains and adjust the rear final chain tensioner..

good times


May 15 2011

Got a used Thudbuster, I"ve been wanting one of these for a long time, it is by far the best suspension seat post i've tried so far, makes the ride way more comfortable but you still have to stand on the pedals over hard stuff..

I cleaned the chains last week, found some " Nitro-Blast " at the local dollar store, 2$ a can , made for cleaning grime from RC nitro buggies, cuts thru the sticky residue left behind from nitro fuel and works awsome on bicycle chains, a really strong solvent made the chains ooze black goo in no time, took 2 cans to get all 3 chains clean.

then re-waxed ! using White Lightning

The stuff dries and does not spatter like regular oil, keeps pant legs clean ! and chains happy !

other side.

Belt still in good shape, i'm amazed it has not melted at 100 celcius ..

Frame getting a nice grind.. it's not rubbing any more

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