Tri-Rider !

April 6, 2009

The trike has 24" front, 20" rear wheels. I laced up a 4011 into a slightly wider double walled rim with 12g spokes.. i wanted to keep the stock tire and use a thicker tube for puncture protection, but the thick freeride tube i had on hand was too big for the 1.75" tire.. Then.. i got one side of the stock tire onto the rim, stock tube, and the 2nd side of the tire was just too tight to get on the rim.. i could have wedged it on there but Nick would have a hard time removing it to repair a flat.. Went digging thru my stash and used a new Kenda 2.4" and could then use the freeride tube along with it.. much better.

Swapped the shifter from the right side of the bars to the left side, installed a thumb throttle, and a Cycle Analyst.. 36v 20 amp controller..

Big basket on the back makes battery testing soooooo easy.... just drop in a battery and GO !

Road tested the 36v 10ah pack.

In general, the trike is fairly well built, it's not a KMX but it's all around ok and typical of the others available like the Norco or KHS models available. Expect from 500 to 800 cad$ depending on what you find.

I finally managed to get the rear band brakes to work properly, the trike was assembled but not fine tuned by any means.. the rear brakes would make this god awful grinding sound when you turned left but were quiet when you turned right ?!,., the band was not centered on the drum, and the mounts were not straight.. works good now.

Only one rear wheel is powered by the pedals, as well as the brake, this allows the rear wheels to make a turn without hopping.. ( Something i'm used to on my Honda 250SX trike ! )

Been testing with 36v and 48v, along with the 20amp controller, my next step is to swap for a 40 amp controller and do more testing, at 36v the full throttle speed on level ground is just right, but suffers on hills, at 48v it goes up hills good but is a bit too fast on the level..

The seat looks good but is not that comfy, triangle shaped foam rubber digs into your ass, this thing needs a seat cover ! ( and i need to remove it so i can bend the thing into the correct angle.. this seat was not made for the pipe it is mounted to.. )


May 18, 2009

After testing with the 40 amp controller, i decided that the 4 series won't do... time for an X5 !!

This is Cecile, still trying to convince her to ride this up the street so i can shoot a video ..

Torque arm installed, the front forks on this thing and nice flat and beefy, but i'm not taking any chances, i cut a strip of thick galvanized sheet metal, wrapped it in black electrical tape, bent it around the fork leg , secured with stainless nut/bolt, and a 2nd one between the torque arm and the tube to snug it up on both sides..

Controller fit in there like a glove !.. some self adhesive velcro to hold it in place and some zip ties to keep it tight. Pwr button in front, reverse key switch on top.

And of course, a brand new Cycle Analyst is a must !

The rear basket does not provide a solid and smooth bottom, and 4 bolts sticking up as well would dent a battery in no time.. not to mention road spray in the wet..

Pack rat that i am, i throw nothing out..

Found a piece of laminate flooring, cut to fit the bottom of the basket..

And Saved a big roll of rubber matt, this was from a GM cube van a friend recently purchased, he stripped out the floor for a work van and was going to throw this out !!!!!.. no way.. not in my presence !!!

Both lithium packs fit nicely along the front, wires in the middle..

The back of the basket is at an angle.. so pulling one side of the velcro strap will tilt the pack a bit..

Pull 2nd velcro strap, and then wedge that piece of foam between pack and basket to keep everything snug as a bug..

June 19, 2009

This past Sunday Nick and Ann dropped in to pick up their new E-trike !

It was a sunny day until 3 minutes before they arrived !!!... DOWNPOUR......

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