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X5305 - Chopper

November 19, 2008

The chopper turned out to be one fun bike to ride !

Only problem was that the Red Hornet motor had a stripped axle and was not mounted solidly enough for comfort..

Out with the Hornet, In with Crystalyte !

Laced a Crystalyte X5305 in a 20" rim, radial lace is pretty much all that works with 77mm 12g spokes.

Mounted a Maxxis "Hookworm" along with the thickest tube the bike shop had available. The motor " just " fit, the axle was in fact a bit too short but this frame will flex slightly to make it work with a bit of friendly persuation. Electric tape to hold a Cycle Analyst( This one is an early version, original " DrainBrain " with no backlight or speedo ) .

Before going any further with the project, I dropped 48v of Lithium in a backpack and went for a test ride !

Ran Great !

The taller front wheel ( 24" front, 20" rear ) gives the steering angle more rake, resulting in alot of lean on turns.. since this bike only has front disk brakes, it's not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced rider !

Using a scrap piece of diamond plate aluminum sheet, bent and cut a tray to hold the batteries. The backpack is ok for testing, but not very comfortable..

In each black box, 8 cells in series for 24v, 12ah LiFePo4 . Details : Red Hornet

48v was fun, but the x5305 is a bit slow at 48v, in a 20" wheel.. the solution to that slight problem is just " More Voltage !! "

With 5 more cells, 72v hot off the charger, 40 km/h ! Just right !

Rode this bike to work a few times, you get quite the looks riding around town on a bike like this.. I plan to mount some pedals at some point over the winter, but for now it' s just foot pegs.. I found some plastic bolt on foot rests at " Princess Auto " for a few dollars, and used bottom bracket cups without the axle to bolt the whole thing together.

Next thing the chopper needed, a big Fat front tire !

Found a " Kenda Flame 24x3.0

This weighs down the front end a bit, I was very surprised at how smooth this tire rolls !

Then i swapped out the rear for a 20 x 4.15

Surprisingly, this did not improve the ride at all, in fact, it made it quite worse.. on a very wide rim the tire would not balloon out as much but the rim I am using, 40mm wide, is quite narrow for this tire making it less than ideal..

Above is Justin from during his cross canada trip:

Endless Sphere Trip Log


Had some visitors drop in, the low seat height makes it easy to ballance, and the X5305 at 60v will gladly crawl along, the smile says it all !! " Fun ! "


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