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January 27, 2013

It's sunday morning, hot cup of columbian dark roast coffee in hand.. it's time to update the blog !

Almost a month since my last entry, cold january, and not just cold.. it's COLD.. last 2 weeks have been -10c to -20c with windchill factor of down to -30c... needless to say , i've been spending lots of time indoors.

At this moment in time, i'm feeling really good, relaxed, getting lots of sleep, and have started really pondering my future. As much as I would love to just hang around at home having fun, I need to start working on a new source of income.

For the last month, i've been posting and selling a lot of my extra parts, i've piled up a big collection over the years and since I have half a dozen bikes running, I really do not need all these things using up space.,... so I finally started a:


For the last few years i've been buying and selling bits and pieces, after testing them, reviewing, hacking apart, learning everything I can... then moving on to the next thing... this is just a portion of the " small parts " I had to sort thru:

Word of mouth advertising.... for most local customers, i've installed the kits for them, often at no charge.. This needs to change, I now have to start really advertising and getting inventory of specific items, and make a living from it, otherwise i'm going to be looking for another ..*cough

" job "


Just got back from Canadian Tire, with my neighbors, they got an electric fireplace/ stero stand.. big " end of season" sale going on.. Helped Mr.G with the assembly and moving his equipment from the old stand to the new one... Of worthy mention, assembly instructions... ( insert rant ) who the hell makes a product and allows a piss poor manual to get in these boxes.. .

Having worked in the " Tech Support " field for all these years, being that guy who ansers the phone from all these people who have simple and clear instructions in their hands, but dont understand what they need to do..... confused..

A question i got asked at least once a week, sometimes more :

Customer : " What do i type where is says NAME ? "

Me: " Uhm, what's your name ? "

Customer: " Dave "

Me: " ok, in that box, type " DAVE " "

Customer : " .. .. *crickets "

Really... no joke.

So, i'm holding the instructions and reading, while Mr.G is flipping pieces trying to do the manly thing and just, figure it out...

The instructions, dont match the diagrams, spelling errors in every paragraph, printed and stapled together from photocopied paper, a 600$ fireplace should come with better instructions.. I pondered calling the 800 number for kicks, but had no time.

Anyways, we got it all put together, and to my surprise, it actually looks good, for an artificial fire..


January 28, 2013

Another monday.. a wonderful day, that I can once again sleep in if I wish, but got out of bed willingly at 9am.

Finally warming up some, only -6c (after the last few weeks, this is warm ! )

Sold another crystalyte motor, 4011, I love these motors, if you look at my Projects page

I've tried just about every hub motor on the market, nothing beats the 4 series motors for silent running, they are not the best solution for everyone but if you like quiet, at the expense of a bit more weight and less than ideal water proofing, sadly they are no longer in production and what's left, .... well.. R.I.P

After running up and down stairs looking for a suitable box, running low on these, and anther thing i've learned over the years is that packaging means everything in terms of getting a parcel from A to B intact, regardless of how the shippers handle it....

Then, sat at my computer and compared shipping rates, postal service, FedEx, Ups, Dhl, etc, i tried them all... fedex wins!

Sandy has been poking my elbow with her cold wet nose for the last 30 minutes, i've been ignoring her while i try to get my work done, now she barks so ... fine... i give in.. look to my side and find a dozen squeaky toys she dragged in next to my chair, tail wagging, dog needs a walk...

Before :

After Walk...

She's already 12 years old ( 11 years , 8 months according to the spca tag renewal i just got) but in good shape... now that i've been home with lots on my mind, i've been walking every day, multiple times per day, even in the cold.


Febuary 3, 2013

Last few days i've been working on repairing some dead motors I purchased years ago, they have been gathering a layer of dust, but I finally got to it. Took me 2 days to record all the steps and edit the video to a 25 minute how-to on motor repair....

Hub Motor Repair Video

Wow, do I ever need to start a diet and exercise program !.. nothing like watching yourself on video to realize how badly out of shape I am..

Weather still sucks, however last week it got warm enough and with rain, almost all the snow melted, but for the last 2 days it's been snowing constantly... no sooner do I get out there and clean the driveway, it starts snowing again... Good exercise tho.. so that's ok.


I often find myself thinking about my old job, how did I get " chosen " ? .. mull all sorts of possibilities and keep comming to the same conclusion, it dont matter what I think.. it's what I do from here, forward....

I personally feel I gave customers my best, helped co-workers in need, in any way I could, even at the cost of killing my " stats " .. that it may have lead to my being " severed " .. either way, i've asked for details but have not been given any... so that's that.

Time to move on !


On a strange note, yeah some people will find this a tad off the wall , but hey, it's my blog so ..

Sandy is one furry animal, I try to brush her once a week, used to do it every day, and every time I do I end up with a ball of furr the size of a soccer ball, I"ve been gathering some of it with intentions of having it spun into yars ( seriously, google it, it's fairly common, only works with certain types of furr however ) . Her stuffed squeaky duck, has an open wound and missing half the stuffing, poor little guy.. As I look to my side, a bucket full of furr... Hmmmm.... 1+1 = yeah, i did it.. re-stuffed the duck and sewed him up, sandy watching with an attentive eye all the while, as soon as I got done, handed it over and watched as my dog went ape-shit for the next 10 minutes lol....hilarious...

Taking recycling to a whole new level !!


February 4, 2013

Costco, about once a year I put all my socks in a bag, move them to the garage as rags and buy a dozen new pair, no mix and matching old worn and new socks when doing laundry.. and it's that time of year.

2 dozen pairs of socks.. 25$... by the time i made it back to the cash register, I had 2x strawberry and banana smoothies, a roasted chicken, 2 huge porc back ribs, 3 pack of aluminum foil, a pair of gym pants, blue neoprene gloves, and my membership expired the day before, so a renewal fee..

Total : 185$...

Damit.. everytime I walk into that place...


February 5, 2013

This morning, had chicken sandwiches for breakfast and dug out the Slow Cooker... man.. those ribs smell goooooood.. smothered in bull's eye sauce...


Febuary 15, 2013

Same o'l saturday, got up, coffee, and out with the neighbors for the usual shopping list and groceries..

Awsome day today, 9 celcius, sunny, however, tomorrow they are forecasting 30cm of snow.. ugh.. so we filled up the gas jugs for snow blowing, and since the garage door was open, and the KMX trike was begging me for a ride... I took it out for a rip.. man that felt good !!!... canot wait for all the snow to go away ......


March 18, 2013

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