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June 28, 2011

I am using larger black font, recently got one of those " Smart Phones " and the text is easier to read this way, i also have terrible eyesight so bigger is better ! **

For the last 6 years now i've been building all sorts of stange things with wheels on them and word gets around, just like being " That Guy That Fixes Computers " that everyone knows... *cough... computer guys are fairly common nowadays, but ebike guys ?... rare animals...

So i come home a few weeks ago, roll ino the driveway and notice some alien object on my steps waiting for me... a charger with a piece of duct tape and a phone number written on it...

I recognized it, this bike arrived for the first time 2 years ago, when it was new, the owner got it from Quebec while on vacation, got it home and it sat for a while, when they tried to use it for the first time it was obvious that there were problems... .... .....

So on it's first visit at my lab, i found a dead battery, running on 36v 7ah Lead Acid one of them was DOA... so it was replaced and the bike ran for 2009.

Last year, 2010, it was back again, not running well, with a few scratches and chrome not quite as bright, i found a series of rusted connectors that arced when powered up and poor performance..

I replaced some of the crappy connectors with Anderson Powerpoles and everything was good with the universe once again..

So 2011, it's back once more, aparently after the 2010 visit the bike did not run for very long before giving up again, it ran while i had it here and replaced the andersons, i rode it, friends rode it, my neighbor rode it, and all was good but after getting it home it only ran a few times and then decided to quit..... so..

After checking the battery, it delivered without any problems, so i moved onto the bike components..

Above, i discovered an attempt by the owner to remove more connectors and solder everything directly, a good idea but the workmanship was a bit on the rough side..

The 3 on the left are connections i re-did to replace all the one's that looked like what you see on the right side.. all but one of the connections were found to be reasonable but when hunting for gremlins the only good connection you can trust is one you have re-done yourself...

Unfortunately, that did not fix the problem, this bike had a 3 position switch for throttle, off , and throttle and/or pedal sensor, the pedal sensor worked so i knew the motor was functional, but the thumb throttle would not.. even if the nice bright battery level led's did... grrr.

After fighting the handlebar grip off and taking the throttle apart..


PS : When you need to remove the grips from handlebars that refuse to budge, on some of them you can use compressed air ( a tiny 50 $ canadian tire 1Gal compressor will do ) pressureize it and use a trigger air nozzle to blow into the hole on one end of the handlebars.... the grips usually pop right off on a cussion of air !!

Otherwise.. blade knife and cut them off.. when times get tough heh...


Ok.. so... after cutting, splicing, soldering, shrinking, testing, poking and probing... no joy..

Took the controller apart to have a look, all chinese and no model number i could find that would bring results on Google.. so no chance of a wire diagram..

At this point, frustrated and out of combinations of things to try in my bag of usual tricks...

Went digging in my parts collection, found a crystalyte dual speed brushless controller that i originally got with my first 2 speed crystalyte motor 406/409.. i had never been used but quite a few years old... no battle wounds or markings i usually add when i let the smoke out of something.. happens often..

After cutting, crimping, twisting more wires, i had a situation where the throttle connector on the controller and the throttle do not match, and the colors of both are non-standard... good grief... an engineer would know how to fix this.. but i'm no engineer grrrr......

Then i found this :

This is a gadget i got from " Lyen " on the endless-sphere.com forum.

Forum Link Here

Picture below by " Kiwi " on ES illustrates everything perfectly :

I got this like a year ago, knew what it was capable of but never really had the need to use it until now, trying to find the right color combination from motor phase wires and hall sensor wires with a controller that you are not 100% sure the throttle is working correctly is a futile event unless you just plain get lucky and it happens to work on the first guess...

So, after hooking up the crystalyte contoller to the gizmo and not getting the readings i expected... i went digging into the parts stash again and tried it with an Infinion controller from an E-Bikekit.com kit... the throttle plugs matched on this combo however !!

The colors do not match, but they come this way and work as advertised... put this onto the Lyen Gizmo and voila... we have a 100% assured working controller/throttle !

I then hooked up the motor to the gizmo and spun the wheel by hand, blink blink blink, also good....

So by pure chance, color on color the EBK controller and E-cycle motor match and run !

The original controller was 36v 10 amps for a ~ 350w bike...

The EBK controller is 36v 22 amps for a ~ 500w bike + !!! nice little boost..

So, no more ebrakes, no more throttle LED's and 2 less switches to deal with, no pedal sensor either, so that eliminates all those potential problem points.

The EBK controller was too big to fit into the original plastic box, so i drilled and screwed it onto the frame with some 3M mounting tape to keep the rattles down..

Above, the new black box actually looks pretty good on there.

Below, the bike has front and rear disk brakes, cheap stuff with rusty parts and wobbly rotor that zings if you turn left, plucking the brake lever a few times centers the pads again to ride quietly...

The rear, single speed, geared brushless hub motor, no internal clutch ..

The battery mounts inside the swingarm frame section, this is a folding bike so the hinge is on the middle tube, pedals fold in and handlebars also come down..

The bike is very flexy and wobbles alot, the cast wheels will last but the battery is likely the next thing to let go... once it does... Lithium maybe ?

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