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A front wheel kit is the easiest conversion possible, it does not require touching a greasy chain or adjusting a derailleur, it slips into a front bicycle fork for a quick installation to get you on the road with the least possible amount of work.


375 $ + Shipping From Moncton NB, Canada ( Free local delivery or Pick Up)

Everything you need and more included in one box !

Key Features :

- Geared, Brushless, hub motor is light weight, efficient, quiet, self contained and zero maintenance.

- Quality double walled, high sidewall rim, with Stainless Eyelets for long service life

- LED Display, simple to understand, on/off ,Speed Adjustable, Battery level.

- Quick Connect color coded, water resistant connectors

- Brushless controller, Weatherized with internal potting sealant

- Both Thumb and Twist throttles included

- E-brake levers, Quality Dia-Compe with adjustable cable pull for all cable brake types

- Motor Wire Extention, Spoke Wrench, Allen Keys, C washers included for FREE

- Lifetime Support from an experienced ebike installer !

Price Only 550 $ with shipping included . Canada and USA.

In Stock = YES


( Local customers, Moncton NB area email me for a discount if I do not need to ship the kit )

550$ Includes shipping to most places in Canada and USA.

No PO boxes, and if you live far from the post office... extra charges may be required.. you know if you are !..

Customers outside Canada, duties and brokerage are not included in the price, both duties and brokerage, if they are applied, are paid by you.

Battery NOT included, Yet... ( Testing various suppliers.. contact me for known sources and options )

If you have any questions, please Email Me !


Example of Kit installed on a Beach Cruiser.

*(bicycle not included...)


Simple !... Easy !... Fun !

Everything you need to convert almost any bicycle with 26" wheels to electric.

aka : E-bike ..

This kit is built to my specifications and quality standards using my years of experience, it includes all the nuts, bolts, washers you need to complete your very own custom ebike.

Designed for 36v, and riders 200 lbs or less.

This kit is Power-Assist for your bicycle, it will start by using a throttle on the handlebars and start from a dead stop..

Compliant with all legal requirements in Canada and USA.

Each kit will be opened, inspected, powered, load tested, and the spokes will be checked for proper tension and the rim true prior to shipping, by me.

There are lots of similar looking kits on the internet that cost less, however, as with most things, you get what you pay for, I have done everything possible to maximize It's value, making it a full featured kit and keeping it affordable !

One price - One box !

What's in the box ?

The FRONT wheel motor comes pre-laced in a strong, wide ( 30mm ) , double walled rim, with a tall side wall to make brake pad adjustments easy.

Disk brake compatible.

Stylish, Black motor, spokes and rim.


The rim has stainless steel round eyelets supporting the spokes for durability, this is not found on lower priced kits.

Heavy duty plastic rim liner to protect your tube.

Mini-Controller, 36v.. only 2 wires exit the controller, one for the motor, one for the controls, and a pair for the battery ( Anderson Powerpole PP30, Matching PP30 pair included for the battery )

The motor can be connected directly to the controller, or, depending on your bike, an extension is included ( 90 cm ~ 35 Inch ) so you can mount the controller in any convenient spot you like.

Pair ( Left and Right ) Dia Compe e-brakes.. has long or short pull adjustment for various types of brakes... You do not need to use them, but they are included with the kit regardless. These brake levers will disable the throttle when you pull on the levers, great safety feature, required by law in some countries !

Handlebar mountable display, On/Off , 3 Speed, and 4x LED battery voltage indicator.

The " Mode " option provides 15, 25, or 30 kph top speed.

Each kit contains BOTH thumb, and half grip twist throttles.. Use the one you prefer.

It is always good to have a spare,or, if you ever decide to use the kit on a different bicycle.

Quick Connect, Color coded wire harness, water resistant, clean, simple..

Included with every kit, E-brake and Throttle tools, Spoke wrench, and 2x " C Washers " and quality Zip Ties to hold the wires against the frame.

The " C Washers " are used on some forks with quick release cups, not always needed, but included with the kit regardless making the kit very flexible.

The spoke wrench you will likely never need, but over time, if required, you have it !

No other special tools are required, just a wrench to bolt the motor to the bike, a tire pump and wire and cutters for zip ties...


Easy quick install guide :

(( Printable Version ))

- Remove your existing front wheel

- Swap your tire and tube to the kit wheel

- Install throttle ( thumb or twist ) and E-brakes if desired.

- Mount the controller, display and zip-tie wires in place.

- Add your choice of 36v battery ( Not included )

- Ride !

That's it !..

Almost anyone can do it, make it your very own, one of a kind, custom ebike !

Price = 375 $


No PO boxes, and if you live far from the post office... extra charges may be required.. you know if you are in an area like this..

Customers outside Canada, duties and brokerage are not included in the price, both duties and brokerage, if they are applied, are paid buy you.

( please email me for shipping quote )

email : ypedal@ypedal.com


If you have special needs, or more power requirements, please contact me by email to discuss your situation, I have lots of experience with various other kits and i can recommend, source, and help in many ways..... with just about anything.






Need some inspiration, check my projects page, there possibilities are endless..


Since 2005, my projects page has been a place to document various ebike builds, battery pack discoveries, a massive archive of data and reference material.. Go ahead, take the plunge, and read read read...


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