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June 12 2012

( it's actually July 2013, but i'm updating the page from endless sphere history... )

Just got back from the post office

This is the most mangled box i've gotten in a while, holy crap, i almost cried when the post office lady crossed the door with this..

geez.. looks like they used a " Fragile " sticker to hold the box together.

Thank god they filled the, i hesitate to call it a box, with bubble wrap...


2 out of 7 look like this..

but thankfully.. inside.

ooking pretty awsome all stacked up..

Happy to report. all 7 packs show cells 3.81x to 3.82x volts !!!! so far so good !

So now i charge, ballance, cycle, and capacity test for the next few days.. and this weekend i re-work the pack into a 100v ( 24S ) and 13.5ah ( 3P of 4.5ah ) !!

One nice big pile of lipo.. ahhh..!

Since i have a collection of bullet connectors, i'm pondering using them...

something like this

Also got a stash of these.. ready to go.

This pack requries a wire harness that does 3 into 1, cut , strip, twist, add shrink, solder.. repeat 28 times..

Added hot glue to all ends, prevents the wires from yanking out of place, and it also gives you something to grab when you want to disconnect these little buggers..

I applied pieces of industrial carpet double sided tape to each pack and plastic end plates

Then put them under pressure with clamps..

and used nylon filament tape to hold them down tight.

so after all that...

4 x 24v 13.5ah packs, ready to be installed on the trike, all i need to do now is make the large gauge power wire pigtails.

It's only 10pm, and i could keep working, but the red wine is starting to kick in and i've learned the hard way to avoid mixing drinks with pack building.. so that's it for tonight !

June 18 - 2012

Working on the power wire side tonight.

This is a LOT of bits and pieces !!!!

2 of the 4 packs ( of 3 packs each ) will be with andersons, the other 2 i will use bullets..

12 awg from each pack into 8 awg should handle the 100 amps i plan to throw at this with ease..

After letting Sandy give the power harnesses a QC check.

" Pass "

Getting multiple large gauge wires into one bundle and soldering them together is difficult, using a strip of copper, bind them,..

And then you can solder it all together securely.

I HAD to try this out, rain shit or shine, and yeah it's raining.... but for the " NOW " moment i tucked all those wires into a bundle and taped them to the bike, at least for a test ride it's , ... o k..

Now, everything must STOP, and i have to clean the garage and office, it's horrible, i'm loosing tools i know i used seconds earlier, it's like the bermuda triangle in here, everything is piled up 2 ft deep and it's just impossible to work productively....

So since it's raining, tonight and tomorrow will be dedicated to cleaning and re-organizing before i even touch another project.. ok.. that's probably a lie... but i'm trying to convince myself..

I've been flag hunting, not an easy item to find strangely enough.... i tried the local fire and safety place, no go, tried wal mart, nadda.. but i did pick up a fishing rod as a backup plan !!! .. then finally.. at Canadian Tire i found an orange flag so i picked that up too..


I only got a 20 second ride in, but it's exactly what i expected, an X5 at 100v is not new to me, and 60 amps max is only a tickle, a spirited one at 6000w, but not near the max potential, i plan to double that for roughly 120 battery amps and with adequate torque arms it's smoke show time ( hopefully from the tire.. .. )


youtube vid of me doing donuts lol.



June 30, 2012

Was a fun day for the KMX..

A guy i met last year, rides one of those Gio scooters 48v 20 amp SLA setup.. he drops in once in a while with a question or 2, he was by today asking about how to replace his SLA pack as it's near it's end ...

I blew his mind showing him a pair 24v 4.5ah Nanotech packs that equal the capacity of his 48v lead chinese bricks !!.. 40 lbs vs 4 lbs.

See this page about SLA

So i showed him the trike and offered him a test ride, he had his helmet on so snapped the 3 speed switch in mode 1 and got on to show him brakes, throttle and general operation.. sent him on his way...

He went around the block and came back with " Wow !!.. this is fun !!!! and powerfull ! " ..

so i flipped it to switch position no.2.. sent him off again and wanred him to slow down for turns... he's a good pilot and i could tell he was getting the hang of it .. so signaled him in for no.3 and made sure he had a straight path ahead of him.. and say " Giv'er ! " ..

After 10 minutes of him blasting around the block with a shit eating grin perma-fixed to his face i had to flag him to come back so i could check the motor temp.. was showing 60 celcius at the cover....

Yeah.. he liked it..... going home on his Gio is going to suck after that ride.....


Then, neighbors had family from the USA over for vacation, so i sent him off on a test run, got him on no.3 but he barely broke 30kph before chickening out lol... i took the controls to show him how it works with a heavy thumb !

July 1, 2012 - CANADA DAY !

We went to Canada Day bike ride today

And I saw a few bikes out there towing kids and one with a dog...... so this afternoon....

Took about 20 minutes to assemble, ( would have taken 5 if the damn thing did not have the vinyl panel wedged into the frame, required i un-bolt half the frame to get it un-stuck.. but i got it. )

It was on the shelf for 250$, on sale last week and the guy gave me a rain check to discount 50$... so i got it for 200$..

Makes for a Looooong machine !

I installed the mounting bracket onto the disk brake mount.. solid..

I managed to get Sandy in there, put her harness on, and tied a leather leash to the frame, she wanted to jump out, like.... reallly wanted to jump out.. but i managed to get a 10 minute ride ( slowly ) around the yard... will repeat tomorrow .. etc until she is comfortable and then venture out.. if she can get to like this, it will be awseome to bring her along for rides !


July 3 2012




July 10 2012

I just got back from a 45 minute ride with Sandy in the trailer, she loves it !!!!

Followed a roadie for a few kms, he was pedaling for all he was worth down hill going maybe 40 kph, i could easily keep up on speed setting no.2, .. i was going to pass him just for the hell of it.. but not confident in those trailer axles to take high speeds for too long.. and i love my dog way too much to risk her safety .

Got my new Vee tires today !!!!!! ,..

We all know what that means !


July 26 2012

I want to open the motor, drill air cooling holes.. replace phase wires for thicker stuff.. add the doctorbass torque arms ( got the arms, and the DP420 adhesive already ) .. so i dont want to burn the tire off until i'm ready and have time to do all those things in one day.

On a side note, the trike is performing like a champ, putting smiles on test riders faces that you could not wipe off with a 10 lb hammer... just so much fun.. and Sandy LOVES the thing.. i cant say ' bike ride ' out loud in the house without starting a barking event..

hang tight.. this weekend should be the one.


Tire removal process..



That tire made more smoke than i expected, it was WELL worn , gone from one bike to another, and 6000 kms + ... i was never going to install it on another bike no matter what.. so may as well finish it off proper.

I had to put my left hand behind my neck to protect myself from flying molten rubber, was covered in it and had a trail of smoke 15ft behind the trike lol.. ( video does not show it well but it was cool as hell ! )


Moving on...

I was waiting for this, since one thing always leads to another... ...

New tire
Means new motor bearings ( or at least opening it up for a checkup ) ..
Means I may as well drill holes in the cover for air cooling...
Means i may as well paint the covers to match the frame...
And with drilled covers, i can " UP " the power..

So it's time to finally install the Doctorbass torque-arms

After removing the side covers, I secured a huge bolt to my drill press, coverd with a socket the size of the cover hole.. locked the drill press deck and gave myself a semi-formal pattern to dill..

Then i made a 2nd pass with the biggest bit i had. ( aprox 1/2 " )

Washed with rubbing alcohol, and spray painted on top of old paint.

I speckeled a short spray of black to " kinda " make it look like the frame but .. it's not even close... and I don't care..

Good enough !

crystalyte used some cheap crappy paint to coat the magnets, problem is that at some point it either failed to stick, bubbled off ( from not cleaning the surface properly ) or something got loose and started a chain reaction.

getting this stuff off the magnets was a challenge, metal dust stuck to big strong magnets...... turns out 100 psi and an air nozzle works pretty good !..

Sanded all that crap off.. and blew it clean as a whistle.

then gave it a thin coat of this stuff. ( all i had on hand at the moment.. )


Now.. for the torque arms..

These have been shuffled around the house for the last year while i get motivated to finally put them in..they have built up a healthy layer of rust.. so using the flat surface of my jig saw table and sand paper i buffed it off to a shine..

Did the same to the frame.. removed all paint past the surface of the torque arm.. then , using gloves, washed both surfaces with solvent, twice, mixed 3M - DP420 adhesive and applied it all as quickly as i could .. on a dry day.

End result, coated both arm and frame, set motor into the slot to make sure it would not end up out of alignment... clamped vice-grips to both top ends ( tight, but not INSANE tight to the point all the epoxy would ooze out.. and added extra to the sides.

After an hour, i removed the motor ( to make sure i was not going to glue the motor permanently to the trike )

With a new 3" V-rubber tire !

I changed both bearings in the motor, one of the old one's was SHOT.. for 5$ each, easy decision. no more play in the motor. ( and no more friction caused by all the red paint/rust metal dust )

what else....

.... that pretty much covers it.. cobra is back on the road !!!


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