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Tools :

•  18mm Wrench ( or Adjustable )

•  Tire Pump and Tire levers

•  Strong scisors or Wire Cutters (* To trim Zip Ties )

•  Wrench for your Brake Pads ( usually 10mm, or Hex )

•  A Cold Beverage.. and some Patience..


Steps :

1•  Turn bike upside down

2•  Remove the FRONT wheel, and deflate the tire

3•  Remove tire and tube from old wheel, transfer to new wheel, Pump the tire

4•  Install Motor: Wires Should Exit the SAME SIDE AS YOUR CHAIN. Bolt motor Axle Nuts firmly. For all Details and more about installing the motor, see the Long Version of Instructions

5•  Turn bike over on it's wheels

6•  Handlebars : Install Throttle, E-brakes, Display

7•  Double check all nuts and bolts to make sure everything is tight, adjust brake pads if required

8• Connect Battery, Power up, set display to LOW, Test motor by lifting wheel off the ground and GENTLY applying throttle… use brakes to stop the wheel and prevent skid marks on floor…

9•  Wear a helmet at all times, please, take the first ride gently, test the brakes, at any point if you encounter a problem or are unsure of anything, please stop and contact me… I'm always here to help !

10• Ride Safely !


Not enough information ?..

Read the Long Version