Why ?

Reason No.1 = Fun !

As a kid, I regularly pedaled my bicycle up hills just so I could turn around and roll back down and get that wind in face, feeling of speed, zero noise except the sound of the tires rolling on pavement, then comes the inevitable climb back up the other side, only to do it again !

Live close to work ? why take a 4 wheeled, 4 person, expensive on gas vehicle, when a bicycle will get You there ?

Busy schedule ? Work all day, no time to exercise or go to the gym ? An ebike will get you to work fresh, clean, on time, and sweat free.. then you can pedal home and get a good workout in combination with the motor, or without it, really burn away the stresses of a hard work day..

Just because your bicycle has a motor does not mean you have to use it, or use it 100%..Pedal as much and as hard as you can, get help with the Hills and keep your speed up so you get home on time and exercised. ( Great way to work up an apetite after a stressful day ! )

Having a hard time revving up in the morning ? Nothing wakes you up like a blast of fresh morning air..

For some people it's financial, environmental, health, location, or just plain fun..

Having the peace of mind that you will get to your destination, wind, rain, or shine..

Bicycles are not for everyone, only 99% of you.. ok.. maybe not.. if you have a family of 6 to haul around, a Minivan might be easier , but when I bike to work everyday, I notice a very large armount of vehicles with a single driver at the wheel commuting to work 10 kms or less.

Well within reason for a bicycle commute !

So, go ahead, transform your bicycle and discover the joy of E-biking !!!!