Wire !!!

Wire, Cable, Spaghetti, Birds Nest...

A mysterious part of the journey for an any ebike newcomer..

" What type should I buy ? "

" What gauge do I need ? "

"Where do I buy it ? "

When I first started modifying Ebikes, building battery packs, repairing inevitable broken wires from crashes and " other " unfortunate things.. what i first thought was a simple " find the right lenght and Bob's your uncle ' .. turns out to be quite a bit more involved.

I initially got spools of speaker wire from Radio Shack ( R.I.P ) , got the job done.. Also found some various types at automotive parts stores " Hookup Wire " it said on the label... Even tried Home Depot for electrical wire, they have solid and stranded, various number things available...

However, in 2003, I got NiCad packs

These had very soft and flexible " Noodle Wire " , i searched high and low for the stuff but no matter how hard i looked, it could not be found locally, i searched the www, but it also would not deliver.. at the time.. i simply did not know what to search for . ..

A couple years ago now, i learned of " Silicone Wire " from the Endless Sphere Forum

Turns out , Hobby King , the source for my latest Lipo projects ( See Turnigy and Zippy on the projects page )

Turnigy 8 awg Silicone wire

I checked at various places along both colors, consistenly 6.00 mm

Using a sharp blade knife, cut a 4" segment to remove the silicone.

The core without the silicone is 3.72mm

Wound from 19 segments..

Of 0.07mm Strands

... counting strands... more shortly.

I counted twice, 80 indivicual strands..

so x 19 bundles = 1440 strands !

Ypedal Forum !

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