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Welcome to Ypedal.com

Why pedal ?

It's a fun, healthy, economical and simple way to get around... or just to have a good time !

An ebike " Kit " is a DIY solution that gives you the flexibility to build it just how you like it.

Make your ebike one of a kind, learn about it, build it, enjoy it.. using your existing bicycle.

Be part of the electric revolution !



Involved with ebike kits since 2003 I have personally tried, tested, fixed and pushed to the limits in order to know first hand what it takes to do it right. Count on my years of experience to be there for you and provide after sales service, answers to your emails in a timely fashion and anything else you need along the way !

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My projects page has been a place to document ebike builds, battery packs, product reviews and a massive archive of reference material, with lots of pictures !

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Created By: Gaston Daigle

http://www.ypedal.com - http://www.offroadelectric.com

Moncton NB, Canada !

Updated June 2014