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Clean, Quiet Fun, for Everyone !


Front wheel - 26" kit = 350 $

( In stock and ready to go from Moncton NB, Canada! )

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Update July 2015:

36v 8.8ah Lithium battery packs now in stock !

Sony Li-Ion cells inside with fast chager !

Easy to install using water bottle mounts on most bicycle frames ..

Get'em while they last !

550 $

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The Bicycle

The most efficient means of transportation available

Add a small electric motor and a battery and you get a fun, inexpensive and easy means of going places while getting as much exercise as you want !

Strong winds and steep hills are the cyclists enemies ( well, that depends on who you ask.. but generally speaking .. ) with an Ebike those factors are no longer a problem... call it cheating if you insist.

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Since 2003 I have used, fixed and pushed ebike kits and related bike parts to their limits... See my Projects page for some examples

With years of experience i can provide after sales service, answer to your emails and help with anything else you need along the way !

If you have special requirements or have questions, contact me !

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First time buyer info page.


My projects page has been a place to document ebike builds, battery packs, product reviews and a massive archive of reference material, with lots of pictures !

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Created By: Gaston Daigle

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Moncton NB, Canada !

Updated July 2015